24 March, 2016

Postcards and Fabric

This has to be my favorite piece of Happy Mail.

Look at that striped bunny wingwalking on the Stearman Biplane.
I sewed that bunny but he now wears aviator goggles.

 Someone knows me well. Fabric with an airplane endicia on it.

Pencil Girl was able to attend SewExpo this year. My 14 year old dog was near death (and since recovered) and my dad needed some medical help so I stayed home.
She texted me photos randomly during the day to make it feel like I was there.
Then she sent me the SewExpo Swag box of goodies.

Advertisements from Pacific Fabrics (one of our favorite booths), an airplane item (Stencil book), fabric, patterns. Japanese style fabric - dragonflies! This box and her photos felt like I was there.
I have to go next year.


  1. That sew expo swag is also patriotically color coordinated. Fun stuff there!
    LOVE the bunny on the plane. Can't beat handmade, and that art style looks familiar... :-)

    1. I love that familiar person who drew this art.


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