14 March, 2016

Car Trash Popup

Fabric Depot is celebrating their 24th anniversary by having product demos in the store.

I watched as Julie (bestest employee ever) sewed a pop up basket from Fat Quarter Gypsy.

Part of the celebration is 30% off everything so I might have bought a few wire inserts.

This small one will go into my car and get hung over the gear shift for a cute trash receptacle. Our recent dog sitter left behind some doggie-doo bags which magically are the right size to fit inside to protect my cute kawaii fabric (from Oahu!).

While Julie was sewing, another customer and I speculated as to what we would use these for. She was going to make one for her SIL for use in her RV Bathroom to hold cosmetics. I saw the size and thought it would make a pretty place to corral my car trash.

It measures about 6 inches high by 5.5" wide.

I modified mine by adding two loops of foldover elastic (FOE). One to hold a plastic bag in place and the second to loop around the gear shift.
I even added a buttonhole so if you wanted to, you could tuck the FOE inside between the outer and lining fabrics to neaten it up.

The pattern as written has you add a piece of white elastic at the bottom to use if you needed to store the pop up squeezed shut. The pattern also had you add their label and also a tie strap. My modification was to skip the white elastic and label and sew two loops of FOE where the strap would go, The buttonhole is right next to it.

My two loops of FOE are too loose to squeeze this puppy shut. I will have to re-think this as I can see that if I have a passenger, I could squeeze it shut and store in the glovebox.  (I drive 93% of the time by myself.)

All you have to do is use light interfacing on the fabric as the wire provides much of the structure. Simple sewing.


  1. Cute project! Wish I could be in Oregon to take advantage of Fabric Depot's sale ;-)

  2. I desperately need one of those! Will you sell one to me on your Etsy store? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I would make you one. What color do you want. Motif?

  3. You ALWAYS find the niftiest gadgets to make. I don't know how you do it! This is so handy and useful for about a million things. And, Bonus!, it uses up scraps!

  4. I am also thrilled with this pop up bag. So much, that I bought a kit at Sewing Expo!!! However, I have not made mine yet. Thanks for the car idea! :)

    1. Seriously? I was planning on sending you one.

  5. Looks so much prettier than my nylon trash bin in my car.


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