05 February, 2016


I won a couple of giveaways lately.

I won $25 of Superior thread during Elm Street Quilt's BagIt series in December. It took me several weeks to where I could peruse the thread pages at Superior Threads to decide what to get.

In the end, I picked three serger cones to try and step up my serger thread game - I'm prone to using what's already threaded - as in black cones or white cones. By just changing the upper looper cone, I can add some pizazz.

The small spool is King Tut Quilting thread - made in Japan of longer staple cotton. It's a variegated thread that is very pretty to me.

It will, knowing me, take about four years to actually open the plastic wrap and use this. I have a penchant for new, shiny things and sometimes, you just have to pet new things for a bit while the perfect project percolates up to the surface.

 I didn't win the zippers - this etsy store, ZipIt,  is my personal fave for ordering zippers. They come *instantly* within two days and they always provide a free zipper pull for fun.

 SewMamaSew hosts a giveaway series in November - Handmade Holidays where you can see new sewing tutorials and also comment to win crafty books each day.

I won the new Cath Kidston book, SEW!, and it's a delight to drool over the pages and dream.

 My final pics are of a dish towel, I literally, figuratively, stumbled over at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

I wandered into the site from elsewhere, and found this $7.95 dish towel of awesomeness.

Cotton, printed with sewing and crafting notions. You have to pay shipping but it's still cheaper than the pineapple dish towel I bought in Hawaii. Or the ones my DD buys me from Alaska. I might have a thing for dish towels.

My significant other tends to wipe his mouth and hands first and then wash them (guys.)

My towels gets used wrongly so I need a lot of them. I love picking them up at estate sales for a buck (50 cents even) from that persons' travels around the world. Touristy towels tend to be pricey originally and made of linen and cotton.

I bought one to check quality. These may be bought again to use as gifts. Who doesn't need a new dish towel?


  1. We're that way with towels at our house - spaghetti sauce? wipe up with a towel. Egg spill? Hot sauce? It all gets wiped up and sent to the wash. I pick up lovely vintage towels wherever I find them, too. :) We must be friends.

  2. Nice wins and tea towel -- I loved shopping from Zipit before the postal rates went postal. I still have lots of zippers from my 150+ zipper purchase a few years ago, lol. Actually we purchased 250+, but 100 were for someone else :D

  3. Oh fun new things! Our kitchen towels get used for bad things such as the two men who live here who come in with black hands, wash their hands with just water and wipe not only their hands on the towels.. but their FACE! ACH! I love that one you got. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Poor kitchen towels, I tend to leave them too close to the flame of the stove and many have charred spots (cooking can get exciting here what with the flames and throwing things into the sink....), so there is always a need for new ones. Also the "from travels" ones make great pillows for the porch chairs, I'm enjoying that approach too.


  5. Lucky you with all those shiney new things. I love the kitchen towel with the adorable sewing items.

  6. Oooo Thankyou for the zip shop recommendation, they are fabulous. And ARGH I MUST get a little package off to you this week to Thankyou for the goodies you sent me ages ago (which I love!)


  7. Cool winnings! I like to let new things "marinate" for a while until I am ready to use them.

  8. That's a fab tea-towel! Congrats on the wins, and I quite agree new goodies are initially just for looking at, and occasionally stroking!


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