28 February, 2016

Happy Mail

Happy mail indeed.
I received this valentine from a newish japanese friend who recently held a valentine party in her town. She mailed it on the 19th of February and I received it on the 26th. It's seems to be about 6-10 days in transit. ( It was only four days from Oahu!).


  1. I've got an envelope addressed to send you a card. Hope that helps! Thanks for sending Dayle a card! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Canby to Corbett is one day. Why is Portland two days? So glad Dayle got his card.

  2. The mail is getting slower--mail sent to locations an hour away used to arrive the next day and now they take 2 or 3 days.

    I will participate! I have taken note of my goal. :)

  3. LOL- Well...now I know that hubby was late in putting it in the post. I'm glad it finally arrived!! xxoo

  4. ...and I finally figured out how to leave comments on your blog...figured out what to choose from the drop-down menu..

  5. Okay, I have something to send to you, so I will wait until the appropriate time! (Btw, the window of the mail carrier count is during my birthday!!!) ;)


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