08 February, 2016

Key Fobs

 I saw these key fobs a couple of weeks ago in my instagram feed and needed to make some myself. 
You need a zipper and some extra pulls.
They are perfect for key fobs because they use up scraps and they provide endless zippering for fidgety people (moi).

On the longer blue one you can slide the pulls up to make a secure wrist strap. On the smaller ones that fit into your hand, they are especially fidgety-worthy.

The length of the strap depends on the length of your zipper tape. You're gonna use one side and loop it around. You sew some bias tape - I folded and ironed fabric in half and then in half again and then sewed it down one side. I reinforced the tape with interfacing.

Then you slide your pulls back on, in any order, in any amount.

After fussing with those, you then clamp the key fob hardware on.

I used Atkinson Zipper pulls.
They come in colors. If you have an excess of zippers, you can pull them off and re-use.
Try to stay within the brand. The YKK brand pulls worked well with the YKK zipper tape. I felt like I was struggling more with the Coats & Clark brand zipper.

For the Portland Timber's, I use a 10" zipper. For the blue wrist strap, I think that zipper was 22" long.

Here's a little video by Erin Erikson on how to reattach your pulls:

One of the Portland Timbers Key fobs is winging its way north to DD.

My question du jour?  How much would you charge for one of these cute things?


  1. Very cute :) Check what the going rate is for similar items on Etsy or whatever other sites might be out there for selling handmade items - I think that would give you a baseline to adjust based on your costs/time?

  2. Aren't you the clever one! I enjoy seeing what fun thing you'll make next. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Those are so interesting. I just look and look and can't figure out how you did it. Such a unique product should be worth a little more than your average fob. Thank you for sharing your process. I will have to give this a try soon. I think I've got some hardware from the 100 yen shop around here somewhere...

    1. I'd be interested if your zippers would work. I had better luck with my ykk zips getting those pulls on.

  4. Love these with the extra pulls - off to follow the link!

  5. This is a must-do for DH, to keep his hands occupied! I am so behind with blog-land and just saw your tutorial for this. thanks for sharing!


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