14 February, 2016

February Stuff

Rusty this morning. His hind legs won't bend anymore.

 Hibernation at this time of year seems to fit the bill.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

Books I have read or am reading? I couldn't put Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah down. This one is set in the Olympic forest on the Washington State coast.  This winter, I've been gravitating to Pacific Northwest writers.

Teresa got me started on Sara Donati - ordering me to read her books in order. I've checked out all of them except the pesky first one which is checked out by someone else. Shhh....don't tell Teresa, but I started in on her Queen of Swords.

Bill Brysons' new book came up in my library queue so I switched over to Road To Little Dribbling which re-visits his treks around Britain. I'm at the part where he mentions Chertsey and I suck at geography anymore but I'm wondering if that's near  where Benta lives?

It's gray and rainy and windy right now. I brought the sunny weather back to Oregon when we got home from Oahu in January but it only lasted a week. At least we aren't buried alive in frigid snow drifts like the midwest and the east coast. I love Oregon and it's soft seasons. However, dreary takes it's toll.

My 14 year old yellow lab, Rusty, is dying. I've always had to put my other big dogs to sleep because of pain, seizures, and incontinence. I am hoping Rusty will die naturally. It's a delicate balance to watch this which is more difficult than I thought it would be. 

Balancing how much pain he is in, making comfort care  as good as I can make it in his last days with the possibility of too much pain, nausea, not being able to take care of his business. Being humane.

My snowdrops last week

His hind legs don't much work - we have to help him get up. He is able to manage his business by himself. But he isn't eating as much, or when the nausea is a bit too much, not at all.

I've stuck another balance point by giving him one pain pill every 8 hours - which  means they overlap a bit in dulling the pain. He's been eating a bit more and walking a bit more but his care is using a lot of my brain right now - thinking of ways to make him more comfortable.

Valentine plant from my Mom & Dad

I can usually create and sew despite living in my typical chaos. UFO's are UnFinshed Objects. WIPs are Works In Progress. I think I've reached my personal limit because I walk into my sewing room and walk right back out.

Today, I walked in, walked back out, but came back with several ziploc bags. I proceeded to bag up five projects from my sewing table where my machines are.

I hid them in a corner.

I dusted down my table and instantly came up with a pillow project that I finished. Mostly. 

 Rusty always has his ball nearby. 
The ball he 'borrows' from FauxPas - the poodle, three houses away.

After I finished two pillow covers, I found some small stains on the upcycled hobnail bedspread that I had not noticed when cutting them out. I had been focusing on the hobnail pattern and didn't think to look on the other side.

So - a little soaking in the washer was in order. I'll see if the stains 'disappear' or are at least more faint and then pronounce them done.

Back to work tomorrow plus a lovely doctor visit to discuss what else I can be doing for my SIBO auto-immune.

Last summer on the patio


  1. Sorry to hear about Rusty. However, I had to smile when I saw the photo of him and his "borrowed" ball.

  2. I'm so sorry about Rusty - what a beautiful boy (the borrowed ball story is a hoot!) :) I hope you're able to find the right balance of care for him to keep him comfortable but still able to do his own business. I remember my brother had to help his sweet golden up and down the stairs to do her business, as she got older - it's just what you do for your furbabies :)

  3. He still looks happy, and when the pain becomes too much...you will see it. I'm sorry for you and dear old Rusty. As you know, my jrt Little Nick is failing also. It is indeed a balancing act.

  4. Hi,

    You might want to give Rusty virgin coconut oil, it helps with the joints and for overall health. About 2tsp a day.
    But give him a tiny bit at first because he will need to adapt to it ... It's good for any dogs any age (and humans too) :)

  5. So sorry to hear about Rusty.. I remember meeting him when we came to visit last year. I'm scared when our little Buddy gets to that stage, he's so a part of us. Your mgmt sounds stupid as hell. You should refuse to sweep. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Permission granted to be overwhelmed. I'm so sorry to hear about Rusty's frozen legs. Here in Japan, euthanasia is illegal and vets won't do it. Period. The vet Trixie goes to has a lot of big dogs lying down, riding in special wagons. Sometimes, you will even see dogs being walked outside in those wagons. It is so sad.
    Thank your lucky stars that all you have to do is sweep at work. All employees had to take turns cleaning the bathrooms at one of my offices here!!

    1. I live a chemical free life. Mgmt hasn't pushed for window cleaning or anything else.

    2. Wow. I thought it was universal that since animals can't talk, that humans need to make the humane decision for euthanasia.

  7. So sorry to hear about Rusty, it's very sad when we lose pets :-(

    When you go to the Bill Bryson chapter on Wraysbury, that's about 2 miles from me, and the chapter carries on with stanwell moor, Windsor, Virginia water ... All my neck of the woods, all p,aces I can take you if you come here!

    1. Well, then , my geography sense is still alive & kicking!


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