29 October, 2015

Sashiko Dragonfly Wallet

I cut into my sashiko dragonfly sampler.

 Open wallet showing two slip pockets.

 Backside with coin pocket and secret pocket behind coin pouch. I pieced a little sashiko to the coin flap.

 With detachable strap.


 For the dragonfly wallet, I shifted the coin pocket left so most of a sashiko dragonfly could be seen.

 I made the red wallet first. At a recent estate sale this summer, I found this unfinished kit for the Winslow Wallet. I bought the package because it contained two magnetic snaps. Spendy little items when you buy at retail so this was a huge score.  The fabric was cut out and interfaced. It just needed sewing.

The original pattern was not included nor did it come with the strap. I just like detachable straps on small wallets. I made my own pattern from the cut out fabric pieces. It was pretty straight forward.

After finishing, I liked it. For a little thing  -  5 1/4" w x 4" tall, this wallet has a lot of segregated storage. 

I had time to make another. I picked out an airplane fabric and then realized it was directional. This just means some sewing geometry because this wallet starts out flat and then is folded and once you fold it, some of the airplanes would be upside down doing aerobatics badly, unless you cut and piece it just right.

Then I spied my dragonfly print, skipped right over to where my Yoko Saito fabrics are stored -- right next to my completed sashiko dragonfly piece.

This dragonfly sampler was meant to be a small pillow. I have no use for small pillows so it was sitting until a lightbulb moment happened. 

I bought this sampler at Sewexpo back in 2014. I finished it, left it at a friend's house (lost) and made a second one. I did recover the first one eventually - which means I can make another of these purses - yay!

The sashiko sampler was on flimsy blue fabric. I used the unmarked section meant for the pillow back to double up and treated this fabric as one, with interfacing added. I serged the edges before turning for extra durability and securing any stray sashiko threads that might work loose.

Now, if I can recall where I stashed the recovered first sampler.....


  1. Great pouch - and love the use of two dragonfly fabrics

    1. Me, too. Dragonfly overkill. Love it. I should find a dragonfly charm to put on the strap...

  2. Those two pouches are fabulous! You're a wonderful seamstress. Did you read that Kristi got a sewing machine that does everything? She's had fun with it.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Replies
    1. very cute, especially with the dragonfly fabric

  4. Wow! Double dragonfly in navy blue! You continue to amaze me!

  5. So many details in something so small. Love the fabric you chose and your workmanship is fantastic!


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