25 October, 2015

Phone Charger Travel Case Organizer

 When my sis has come west for her annual Oregon Vacation, charger cords are everywhere. They may still be everywhere, but I made her an organizer to corral items while packing.

 The case opens to reveal four sections. I did a divided double slip pocket for organizing her family of four.

As phones get bigger and bigger, this case may be all about the cords. I plan on getting her a four in one USB charger as well to carry in here. All electrical receptacles were in use - thus making forgetting a cord or two a reality as they were all over the house. This way, all the cords are visually seen, she can plug everyone into the four-in-one charger - utilizing just one plug-in.

That's the working theory.

Roomy enough for smart phones (but not ipads) with a clear pocket in front for the cords and plugs.

Notice those red dots at the top? Those are snaps for when it is folded up in luggage so items can't slip out.

Look at the backside - frontside? Big telephones bought at Eurokangas in Helsinki on our trip there a few years ago.

It seemed perfect.

I quilted around the phones to add some dimension.

The Case folds in half (2 X 2)with a flap to velcro over.
Snaps at the top also help secure the contents.

I still have my rotary telephone. Do you? It works when the power goes out and the cell lines are all busy. And it's ORANGE. Very vintage.

This is a story about my niece when she was nine years old. She came over to do some sewing with me and we were playing with felt and reverse applique. She saw me doing the Lazy Daisy stitch for decoration and after watching me do it once, she did it perfectly. The lazy daisy stitch is one of the more difficult embroidery stitches too. Just amazing for a nine year old.

Then we moved to my walk-in closet where I  was sewing at the time - where my fabric was stored. She was going to go treasure hunting for some fabric to take home. My old Rotary Telephone resides here too.

So Livy asks what the orange thing was. I told her is was a phone. She gives me the most confused look and asks, " What does it do?". I told her she could call Grandma on it.
She is very baffled. I instructed her to put her finger in the five hole, run it to the stop and let go, then proceed to the zero, then the three (5-0-3- area code).

This is the girl that just finessed a Lazy Daisy stitch after one look-see. She is completly baffled by this orange thing. Amazing bafflement. So I showed her. How to dial. Of course, you used to only have to dial seven numbers, now it's ten. So it takes a while.

Then she dialed.

And Grandma answered.

I loved the look on  my niece's face.


  1. Lol! Love the story of your niece! Your choice of fabrics is perfect for the travel cable organizer. Your sister is so lucky!!!

  2. I love the creative organizing things you make! What a clever girl you are! When we traveled across the nation in the car my cords were EVERYWHERE! Enjoy the cooler weather.. we have our pellet stove going finally. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. It is much nicer now that some of the cords are interchangeable, but there still seems to be a lot of them, especially with four people.

  3. That's a great idea! And she can see gaps and knows there is something missing! We have a POTS (plain old Telephone set) but ours is white and push button, but it's the only one that doesn't (can't) go wondering around the house and get lost!

  4. I so need to make myself a cord organiser for travelling. Yours looks great - I love the telephone fabric!!!


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