07 October, 2015

Japanese Tissue Holder

Janine and I both bought the same craft book when I was in Kyoto this spring and we challenged each other as to who would sew a project from the book first.

I lost.

Janine posted hers months ago.

 I finally got down to it and made something Janine had spied inside the book.

This is like our tissue holders with the slit for the tissue to pull up out of.
In addition, there is a zipper at the top to easily put a new pack in.

In Japan, there is often, very often, no toilet paper in public bathrooms. You often discover a vending machine nearby *after* you leave the facilities.

Everyone carries pocket tissues, just in case, as well as a cloth to wipe your hands. We are not going to talk about the squat toilets vs. western-style toilets in major tourist spots.

 Look at the inside, its prettier on the inside with that fiddly binding.

I wouldn't sew it this way with US directions but I was trying to make something  with Japanese instructions which are so cute and slightly unfathomable.

You read right to left and look for the a tiny # (circled) denoting the order of construction.
In this case, I started on the right and stayed on the top row and then went on to the second row of diagrams.

I scribbled notes as to cm = ?inches but in the end, just used centimeters. I have rulers with both ways to measure.

I had a tissue pack I brought back with me from Japan and noted this pouch was not quite tall enough. I added about 3/4 inch and it was just right.

 Janine liked this retro kitty fabric I used on some pocket tissue holders I recently made, so I wanted to use the same fabric in her japanese-style tissue case.  I really have no idea why you would want a zipper there because it was quite easy to insert the tissue pack via the slit opening.

 This is winging it's way to Japan and she should receive it any day now. It's been taking about 8 days back & forth to Japan lately.

I am done with pocket tissues, I think. However, my ah choo giveaway is still open to all blog readers if you would like your own. Holler at me. or, sneeze.


  1. Well done with translating the instructions!

  2. That is so cool! I love the extra challenge of following a different language! So interesting, I had to enlarge the photos and get a closer look! Good job!

  3. Good job with all your sewing. I use my lovely tissue holder in my car and I love it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. 8 days on the button! I received this adorable tissue case today. That kitty fabric really is too cute. Thank you so much!

    1. You may get another one -- now that I know where I 'screwed' up.
      It's supposed to be a slit pocket for the tissues atop the zip pouch.
      So glad you received your pkg 'on time's.

  5. These are so cute, and you did such a nice job. What a roadmap of instructions!!

  6. love them. found you on silkstitches and am following you now

  7. What fun - I've never seen a tissue holder like this before!!


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