03 October, 2015

October Sewing

First up, I finished up all the pocket tissue holders I can stand.
As easy as they are, I don't do multiples well.
Benta asked for an airplane one.
 It will be a reminder of who made it for her.
Tissues from the DC-3.

However, if you would like one, my giveaway remains open.
Pocket tissue holders/covers are easy to make and it's an easy way to thank my readers.

 Next up in today's sewing were these cosmetic bags. My sis gave the purple and orange set to me for my Japan trip this spring. Very lightweight and washable. They are made of nylon fabric,  a zipper and some bias tape.

 I really liked the see-thru vinyl in the big one so I made two bags, both with vinyl on the front. They measure 9.5" x 7"  (large) and 8 x 5.5" (medium). Something fun to stuff into your luggage on a trip to help organize all the silly things you must take on your vacation.

 I didn't make the ultra small one - it's pretty small and I didn't use this one myself.

 I used a lightweight laminate with bicycles.
The wrong side shows through the vinyl quite well.

I used a coordinating cotton to bind the edges and make the straps.

 I traced off the first bag onto a piece of paper, adding my notes on construction.

To sew on the laminate and the vinyl, I used the thin tissue that came with the vinyl and placed the tissue underneath my fabrics, sewed  my seam, then ripped the paper away.

I had no problems sewing this other than putting the zipper the 'wrong' way the first time. The pull (and thus the strap) on the bottom bag should have been on the left-hand side in the photo below - but who cares.

You can't rip out wrong stitches on vinyl as the holes will show. You have to commit.

 I used my clover wonder clips - because they excel at helping keep bias binding in the correct place. You cannot use pins on vinyl and even the wonder clips will leave tiny gripper marks so you want to keep anything that will mar the vinyl inside the seam allowance.

I'm thinking of going against my rule on writing tutorials and making a how-to for these bags. Of course, the w-o-r-k will get in the way and squash that stupidity.


  1. Awesome! You are getting very proficient at sewing a wide variety of bag styles. I love how you solved the stitching-with-vinyl dilemma! I have been spending time cleaning out the garage. It takes a lot if chocolate to get through the task!

    1. Do you need me to send you chocolate?

    2. LOL! Yes, send chocolate! And tell me to stop saving so much stuff!

  2. I love my fabric! Thank you!! After my first experience with vinyl I now attach vinyl to fabric and then zip to fabric!

  3. Tutorials are a good way to bring in new readers. I have trouble sewing with vinyl and would appreciate a tutorial for something like your cool bag.

    1. I should write a *pattern* for this easy bag and charge $10-$12 for the PDF and then state "you cannot sell these even though you made them". I'm encouraged by some of the new designers who actively encourage you to sell your creations as long as you credit the pattern designer.

  4. I have done that too about the zipper pouch, not realizing the pull should be on the left when shut until the first time I went to use it and then was like..oh.... Now it is burned into my brain forever.

    I have been using a clear (both sides) vinyl zipper pouch that came with a backback I bought to hold my sashiko. I looove being able to see what is in the pouch without having to open it.

    Great job on the zipper pouches!!

  5. Thanks Kyle.
    Not unpicking this one. Let 'er ride.

  6. I love the clear sided zipper pouches! Have you thought of making the other side out of oil cloth? I wonder which shop sells the most varieties of oil cloth, I need a longer tablecloth for camping. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Laminate (bonded to cotton) is just thin oilcloth. The problem lies with the bias tape and the side layers. It's better if it's kept thin at the ends of the zippers or a different construction method would need to be used. Fabric Depot over on 122nd & Stark is my go to on oil cloth. Possibly RCT Fabrics over by the old Monkey Wards building.
      For camping, I've used an old shower curtain for years. It's held up wonderfully.

  7. Awesome! I really admire your skill! I stick to scrappy projects like my scrappy mug rugs- they don't need to be sewn so perfectly- hides my lack of skill. I really admire your sewing skills!


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