14 October, 2015

October Random Ramblings

 I'm starting to like Instagram more and more. It forces you to edit yourself to one photo and photo uploading does not give me grief like my old smart phone does. I need a new smart phone but I'm waiting for spring when I change plans and shed family members who aren't paying their way.

My smart phone was with me when I took this Quilling class. Will it transfer the photo to my laptop? Will it place it right-side-up - like when I took the photo? Will it lock the dang photo so I can't rotate? It's become something of a chore to transfer photos.

As in, I don't have time for these shenanigans.

In our quilling class, we did alphabet letters. You start with the outline and glue the thin strips of paper (1/4") down. Then start filling in with pretty papers shapes. Most of us did not finish.
Serendipitously, I ran across a huge box of quilling supplies while out garage saling last weekend.

October 10th, seriously. Eggnog so early?

My new Dawgs. Ran across a lady in my friend's shop and noticed her shoes and they are really comfy and much cheaper than Birkenstock's.
 My feet are on killer concrete during the day and hardwoods at home. They are killing me. So - fun (old lady) shoes to wear at home.

 Airplane Poker Run at the neighbors. Nice to see several pilots/friends.

 Random find at the library. That's our biplane! lol ....in espanol....

Pencil Girl in her lace t-shirt. We shopped together back in May for these fabrics. This is when she tissue-fitted my tank top to me that I sewed this summer. She's gotten huge complements on this. She usually wears plain t-shirts (like I do) so this is some serious dressing up.

I need to do a post on her shirt but need  to go back to work now.
I might come back and provide helpful links tonight if I'm not too tired from work.
See ya.


  1. You did good with the quilling. Seeing all the planes together was cool. My son loves eggnog so he's happy it's out and he's got some in the fridge already. I used to make it from scratch when I had lots of goats milk and eggs from our own chickens. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. My son loved it and he needed the calories. I sent him this photo and he said it was too early. Evidently he has moved past loving it.

  2. I have been wanting to try quilling! Was it as fun as it looks? Did you have to support the outline to get started? Great start on your "K"!!

    1. Support - no... You glue 2-4 inches at a time with thin bead of glue. Hold paper in place, then move on to next section.

  3. I'm liking PG's tshirt, a tutorial would be great!


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