26 May, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

We had BBQ baby back ribs and watermelon out on the patio today.
Happy Memorial Day

This is one of the recipes I can do in my sleep. (Yes, I took a nap today)
Slow cook your baby back ribs in a foil cocoon at 300'f for a few hours until the meat starts falling off the bone. I usually cut up my baby back ribs into three rib sections.
I might throw a dry rub on, or not.

Fire up the BBQ. Turn heat down to medium. Place ribs on the rack and start slathering on BBQ sauce. I look for a sauce without corn syrup or wheat in it. I could make my own but that takes too much time for a holiday. Turn every 5 or 10 minutes and slather some more BBQ sauce on. Keep slathering as sides 'dry'. I try to get three complete turns of BBQ sauce to cook on before serving but that doesn't always happen.

We don't have kids home so we have leftovers. mmmm....mmmmm.

Next up, my second attempt to re-create Fifty Licks Lemon Sorbet.

My daughter found this 'ice cream' for me. It has coconut milk, sugar, lemon juice, star anise & saffron.
Fifty-Licks was distributing through Whole Foods but then drew back to their Portland Food Cart on Clinton. To my dismay.

I'm not a huge ice cream lover but to someone with multiple & devastating food sensitivities, this discontinuation of my lemon sorbet was sad. Sad.

So I tried to make some last summer.
 I did a great job re-creating the flavor but I didn't have an ice cream freezer. I dutifully stuck my concoction into the freezer and whipped it good every 15 minutes.

Yummy but it had Ice Crystals.

I found this ice cream freezer at a garage sale two weeks ago and tried out my 'recipe' again. Less ice crystals but creamier.

Need to test  more batches.

Recipe - so far....

2 cans Coconut milk
3/4 cup Sugar
6 Meyer Lemons (The smaller, juicier lemons), skins grated and then cut up and juiced.

2 -3 Star Anise (pulverised in herb grinder)

1 - 2 sacks of ice - depending on the size of your ice cream freezer.
Rock salt (and no, regular salt does not help)

Throw your metal container part of the ice cream freezer into the freezer to get cold

Grate the skin of your lemons with your smallest grater.
Then juice those lemons.
{I saw one recipe where they just quartered the lemons and threw everything into a food chopper/blender.}

You can get Star Anise at my Thriftway or some place with a good bulk foods spice area.

If you can find Saffron there, good - buy the tiniest amount. I can't find it and you will only use it for this recipe so it became 'not necessary'.

Open your cans of coconut milk and pour/scrape everything into a pan.
Add your 1/2 - 3/4 cup Sugar
Your star anise
Your lemon zest and juice.

At this point you can throw this mixture into the fridge to get nice and cold or just go with it.
Pour into your cold metal can.

Attach your churn thingy and the lid. Pour your ice around the perimeter, layering rock salt occasionally.
Turn it on.

Check after 15 minutes, scrape down sides.

Mine took 30 minutes.

A good finish to the day.


  1. The ribs sound great, and thanks for the "ice cream" recipe- mum has had to stop all diary products so I shall give that a go sometime!

  2. Sorry to hear you have food allergies! Your food sounds delish!


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