03 May, 2014

Airplane Charmer

Benta from SlikStitches offered to send me some airplane charms after I suggested she should. She even offered a swap which I think turned out to be amazing.

Look at all the goodies! 

She has an embroidery machine and took the time to make an airplane tag for me. The guilt free chocolate ( actually minus calories as all calories were expended traveling east to west), a tea towel with bunting on it, a beautiful singer card, and a gorgeous drawstring bag with an airplane charm.

The bag is drawn closed with a "Made in Great Britain" ribbon!

Such a cute detail and one that will make it easy to recall who made me this bag.

The chocolate. We just popped up to 86' Thursday  - that's almost 30' for you guys across the pond.
Needless to say the chocolate had to go visit the fridge while I was away at work yesterday afternoon.
It didn't last long after I arrived home from work. Dinner and all that.

A pop up featherweight Singer sewing machine card.
This is going straight to my sewing room.

Look at the fabric in this bag - too cute with all its retro sewing.

Thank you Benta, This was a lovely swap.

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  1. It was made even better by have such a lovely swap partner !!!!!! So glad it arrived safely snd you liked it all! Xxxx


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