14 May, 2014

One World Fabrics

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I won this fabulous fat quarter bundle from One World Fabrics. These are yarn-dyed (not printed) fabrics that are used in Japanese quilting.

I was researching Sashiko threads online when I discovered "my neighbor"!
One World Fabrics is an online shop in the next town over. Serendipity.

I'm not much of a joiner, but I have a fondness for people and businesses from Oregon.
Promoting my peeps first.
I signed up for their newsletter and shortly afterwards One World Fabrics announced they had a contest for liking them on Facebook and I WON!

Not sure what I will make yet as I am still in the petting stage. They sit on my kitchen island and I touch them as I wander by.

Gorgeous Japanese quilting books beckon:

Thank you for picking my name!
The owner said they had entries from all over the world and it was a surprise to pick a hometown girl.
And I like surprises.

Head over to their website now and check out all the sashiko supplies.


  1. Woot! Lucky you! Just for clicking Like. Can't get any sweeter than that!

  2. sashiko supplies! i still must try sashiko!
    congrats on winning!


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