07 May, 2014


 Weekend sewing.

I was cleaning up my bookmarks when I found this tutorial from 2009!
Most of the saved bookmarks either won't open or have a broken link. Half the time, I can't recall WHY I bookmarked the link.

That's what Pinterest is for. Room for a photo plus the link. I'm not saying that in 5 years those links might not be broken but at least I'll have a photo to jog my memory.

This little cell phone thingy is small. 

We all have honkin'big smarty pants phones now which will not fit in the back pocket.
But still, this little thingy packs a wollop in the pocket department.

slightly elasticized Back pocket for cell phone
 And I free-motion quilted that backing fabric (rocket scientist). It gives a little cushion if you were to put a phone in there.

Clear vinyl front ID pocket

Inside - you can see plenty of room in the zippered compartment. Next to the bottom of the photo is the id pocket nestled up against the zipper. Those inside raw edges are all bound with doubled quilt binding - a regular bias tape binding would be fine and less bulky.

 The only thing I changed was to enlarge the id vinyl opening.
The original sizing was too small for my driver's license. I wanted my id # and address to show.

I made these first.
Two more of these reversible drawstring bags from Svetlana's tutorial.
Same fabrics.

 I put one "Stuff" label on the Daisy side and for the other - on the Rocket side.

I had some pretty grosgrain ribbons that were near the correct length.

These ribbons were a huge find at a quilty garage sale that actually was selling crafty supplies at garage sale prices. Too often when I go to a sale advertising fabric, the seller is putting retail prices on their half yard of blue. The general rule of  garage sale pricing is ten cents on the dollar. About a dollar per yard - or less.

"Rocket Scientist" - In The Beginning fabrics - Keri Beyer
" Daisy Dreams"  - Michael Miller fabrics

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  1. oh you had a lovely sewing day! Ive got hundreds of screen prints that I saved in the pre Pinterest days, and I've probably now got far more Pins - and will I ever use any of them?


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