15 May, 2014

Glorious Spring

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Nootka Wild Rose


Nora Barlow Columbine




All these columbines were well behaved under the fir trees but when we removed the leaning trees and these beauties saw the light (all the plants, really), they became spectacular.

 And they gave birth to probably a gazillion babies - which is why they get a bad rap in orderly gardens.

Can't you imagine a fairy wearing one as a cap in the Frog & Toad books?

Weigela - variegated leaf

My favorite variegated leaf Iris. Soft blue blooms

This white Bearded Iris came from Aunt Ruby's garden

This rugosa rose came from an estate sale for a buck.
 Man-eating thorns but the smell is divine.
This is a white Rugosa but the buds have peppermint striping.

Simplicity rose started from a cutting from Creative Friend's fenceline.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I acquired a ruffly bearded Iris in the deepest purple. It's my second favorite Iris (at this time of year)

Sun Rose - Helianthemum

Patio pots started.

I spent a good portion of Sunday getting my patio pots and hanging baskets 'together'. Hosing down the patio, cleaning the table, moving pots to & fro. Trimming and tucking the montana clematis on the pergola as its starts growing and twining after blooming.

We just had a couple of near 90' days (May!) and it was delightful to sit out and be dive-bombed by the stinkin' guerrilla hummingbirds who chirped very clearly, "more syrup, or else".

Back to the usual 70' springy weather tomorrow.

My sister gave me the snail and the frog  and miraculously, they have not crashed and burned.


  1. You and I are on the same wavelength out in our gardens! It was fun to look at yours. I'm glad you enjoyed mine. Yay for Spring!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Looking fab! We visited family friends who have a rather grand house with amazing gardens that were established when they bought it 5 years ago - at the moment all the flowers are purple, last month they were red - how's that for fancy planting !


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