05 May, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Another package arrived Saturday from Crafty Tokyo Mama.

Filled with an amazing bunch of airplane presents.
From airmail stickers to airplane fabrics, I savored each new delight.

I had another photo of the cool japanese mail stamps she uses but my smarty-pants phone was being difficult about uploading photos for this post. Janine always manages to put a stamp featuring an airplane on my packages.

This very cool retro inspired fabric by Lecien, "Pandora House" for the Hallmark Collection.
I can remember getting these type birthday cards from my grandma in the late 60's and early 70's.
This takes me back.

A bigger view of the fabric.
The Birthday card is printed under the blue check.
Notice the biplane? "It's your day to Take-Off"

It enough to just look at this panel -- not sure what I will make from this yet.

Two different batches of adhesive sitckers and glue-on stickers
--- about airplanes and US Mail.

I love this Michael Miller print too. 

Lots of dark grey airplane imagery with little pops of color.

This little japanese kawaii doodad (schedule tape/corollage tape) might be the best thing ever.
Janine found one with tiny blue airplanes.
{ In my last package from her, she found double sided tape in a mail truck-shaped dispenser.}

I have got to get my finances in order so I can fly over there with empty suitcases.

I've seen these around the internet but couldn't justify the shipping cost. 
Definitely something I need.
And then they show up in my birthday package.

Here's that Lecien fabric again, It's a big panel -at nearly a yard wide.

A super duper birthday package all the way from Kyoto.
Many, many heartfelt thanks to Janine.

Make Way!
is coming down the track
With a TOOT-TOOT-TOOT of the whistle
And a clickety-clickety-clack!

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  1. Oh that is awesome ! What a great friend, so many perfect goodies!


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