02 June, 2014

Bucket Hats

My reluctant model, Rusty  -- he's so humiliated. 
He would rather eat this creation than wear it.

But Rusty is old and arthritic and can't get up easily so I won.

I saw this Bucket Hat recently on one of my sewing blogs and thought it would be nice if my great-nieces each had one for summer. This is a free pattern from Oliver & S.

I added a loop on each side to hold secret notes, flowers, pen, whatever.

And --- like all good kid's hats, it's reversible.

This pattern is a PDF pattern and I could not for the life of me, manage to get the 2" square to be 2 inches. I did all my usual computer tricks to get the pattern to print at the designers scale but failed.
The pattern kept printing out at 1 7/8". I upped the sizing trying to get a 21" circumference but even with 3/8" seams, the hat came out at 20 1/4" circumference. The pattern calls for 1/2" seams when 1/4" seams would have worked fine.

There is a lot of easing to be done to fit the sides to the top which could be because I couldn't get the proper print size or because there really is a lot of easing to  be done to attach the sides to the top. Which means a beginner sew-er would probably, inadvertently, get some small tucks going to disrupt the smooth oval of the top piece.

It's a short pattern at only 6 pages so it's not as irritating to me to print out in the usual pdf pattern way of having 49 pages  -- to arrange, tape and cut out.

I also changed the sewing order as the instructions had you do hand-sewing to attach the 'cap' to the brim when finishing. :-(
I made each hat - outer & lining, and then sewed them RST together at the outer brim leaving a hole to turn. I closed the hole while sewing the endless circle top-stitching.

But it's cute.
Even if my reluctant model is embarrassed.

It's being mailed today to do a head check for fit and then I will sew up two real bucket hats for my favorite practice-grandkids.

I just found this video. 
It's not so much funny as it's by guys who  are self-taught sew-ers.
How to do extra steps to make a bucket hat....
I especially like the "Sew 1mm away from edge..."

I swear they are sewing with a buttonhole foot....

Since you're still with me - you  might as well read the comments under the video (Youtube) to get a languagelingo lesson. "...Thanks, it's pretty dope!"


  1. I have to make this for my granddaughter. Rusty is a cute model. thanks for the intro. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  2. That is SUCH an adorable hat!!

  3. Fab hat, I'm off to check the link - I don't usually, but 1mm from the edge - really ??????

  4. Sorry Kathy - I got the minutes in and I can't bear it any longer - can he make it any more complicated? Or be any more cack handed with the rotery cutter ? Cringe!!!!!


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