07 June, 2014

Formula 1 Lunch Bag

The third and final piece of my Formula 1 gift set is done.
I blogged about the first two pieces; a key fob and an ID zippered purse here.

I really like the lunch bag with the vinyl. It will be easy to see what is inside, whether it be food items or a place to store yarn.
I'm making two of these for my great-nieces when they get back to me on which animal fabric they want.

I'm going to add a D-Ring to the side panels and attach a cross-body webbing strap.

The clear lunch bag tutorial had very good directions and it took as long to cut the pieces out as it did to sew all the bias tape on.

My good friend in Sweden - who loves Formula 1, bought herself a new sewing machine last Christmas. I  will stuff this bag with her other two Formula 1 fun things and add Clover Wonder Clips and a few other sewing notions. I have to get more Wonder Clips myself! This is the best way to hold your bias tape, short of hand-basting it, to sew up  easily and neatly.


  1. That would be great for liquids on plane travel (well the type *some* of us have to use, lol) I was going to ask for instructions, but I'm now off to follow the link - thanks x

  2. Good idea. It's more than a quart - size bag, but they would probably allow it.

  3. Hi Kathy, you won the June/July issue of Sew News that I was giving away. Please contact me so I can get it out to you, sewbussted@yahoo.com


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