15 June, 2014

My First Lobster

What can I say?

I'm a born and bred Oregonian.

We are home to the famed Dungeness Crabs.

I've travelled all over, seen lobsters on restaurant menus and I've never eaten lobster.
Around here, they offer steak & lobster. Besides being out of my restaurant budget, it's always seemed like too much food.

My local Thriftway had them on sale yesterday for the father's day weekend and I decided to give Mr. Lobster a chance.

On sale, they cost as much as a dungeness crab, however, the crab has more meat.
Because I've grown up cracking crab claws, I'd say, it's easier to crack open a crab leg than the hard shell of the lobster.

I served myself with homemade cocktail sauce and clarified butter. It was supremely tasty.

Kathy's Cocktail Sauce

1/4 cup ketchup
5-6 drops Worcestershire
5-6 drops lemon juice
Full tsp of horseradish

There's no wrong way or right way to make this. I use whatever ketchup is in the fridge. Real Worcestershire sauce. Real lemon lemon juice ( i use this when canning tomatoes). Bubbie's horseradish.

Most horseradish comes in a cream base made of mayonnaise --made from soybeans --which I am highly intolerant of.
I look for one with vinegar or if i can't find a simple one -like Bubbies brand, there's a few that use canola or safflower oil instead of the soy.

A squirt of this, a dollup of that, a pinch of..... Easy recipe.

The lobster was good.

These are better.


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  1. I've never had lobster (and don't have crab very often) but well done for working out a sauce that works for you x


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