18 August, 2013

God Has Spoken, "No Kale For Thou"

One of the good guys.

God smote the baby kale. See those aphids. They DEVOURED the little babies.
Nancy challenged me to make Kale Chips - 'cuz we all know how HEALTHY those are.
But they taste bhlegh and they're not chippy enough to scoop hummis on to disguise them.

I planted some kale seeds to see if baby kale would be tender, tasty, better.

Someone does not think I need to do that.

Can you count those aphids?
They had a good 24 hours! as happy campers. Until I blasted them with the hose.

On the other hand, this is one of my favorite fuscia's. A semi-hardy variety the aphids do not like.
This is a Cape Fuschia - gartenmeister? It comes back, too.

Guara - wish I knew a common name.
I've had this plant for several years. It dies back in the winter and then blooms it's head off all summer on the patio- delighting the dive-bombing hummingbirds.

Strange OSU creature, pest or friendly?

Patio collage.

Another starving aphid moment...

Here's looking at you.

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