03 August, 2013

Summer Fair & Basic Randomness

Today after work, I entered nine (9!) handmade items into the fair.

I had it on my calendar to enter my herringbone 'mugrug' and looking around this morning, I spied eight other crafted projects that needed to experience the county "Fun For The Whole Herd" fair.

I find my smarty pants phone full of aircraft parts instead of the Rose of Sharon blooming outside my dining room windows. I can't catch my hummingbirds at all - they're like dive-bombers.

I've been sewing but not remembering to have the camera sit in on my projects.

I have two more weeks of vacation at the end of August with my dad's 80th birthday party smack in the middle. Instead of a cake for my dad's party,  I'm trying to figure out some gluten-free, diabetic-friendly party dessert.

I feel at my healthiest in the summer, probably why Vitamin D is my miracle drug.  I am also eating way more fresh veggies too. My hours at work allow me to enjoy my other life which includes the 1/2 hour daily to clean out my juicer after breakfast! I seem to get more nutrients when I eat smaller particles of food. Most of my vitamin supplements are liquid or dissolve on my tongue (sublingual - your word for the day).

One kid is at home this summer devouring a package of Oreo's per day. He seems to thrive on this and I'm happy to be his supplier.

I think it's time for some guacamole dip and maybe some gin & tonics. (love that lime).


  1. Good luck at the fair! Hope you win!

    I don't drink, but when I was little my dad would give me his lime out of his G&T and I loved it!

  2. I only have about 12 drinks a year which makes the doc's questionnaire difficult to fill out. "How many drinks a week do you. . .

    Mostly summertime.


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