30 August, 2013

Busy Bees

 I started this snap bag about four weeks ago.

 The paper piece foundation comes from Badskirt.
I printed it on vellum which tore easily as I sewed the tiny pieces together.

 The bee did not know what it was going to turn into at the beginning.
It was  organic sewing at it's best. Decide as you go (as it grows).

 The back side was a textured white fabric that I had in stash - well -- all the fabrics were in stash.

Here's my vellum starter piece.
Badskirt's tutorial has you sew the bee in three parts.

The body, the wings and the forehead.

 These next photos are of me deciding which fabrics to use,
- - - how my bee morphed into a snap bag.

 More black, anyone?

 Soft green textured stripe almost made it to the finish line.
But then I found a seersucker check in soft blue-green.

Finishing up some other UFO's.
Summer is nearly finished - Labor Day is Monday.

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