21 August, 2013

Oneonta Falls

We met up with my sis at Multnomah Falls.
Our plan was to have lunch here and then hike Oneonta Falls.

Don't go this way. You can -- but don't say I didn't warn you.

Staircase down to the creek. We hiked up Oneonta Gorge -- up the creek.


This is the Best Hike Ever.
It's short (1.8 miles), level, easy but it has a few obstacles.
The first one is a giant logjam at the beginning.

Looking back - you're gonna come back to this one.

The gorge walls close you in - much cooler than the 92' out there.
There was very little dry land.

Wall-to-wall water.

The second obstacle? 3 feet of water to wade through.
It was more like 4 feet - nearly up to my neck.
Got your ziploc for your camera?

And here we are a short time later.

The best hike ever.

This was the first photo I took at Multnomah Falls which I had assumed was a dud - glaring sunlight and all that.
When I got home - I decided it was pretty cool.

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