19 August, 2013

County Fair Premiums

My fair premiums totaled $18.    yippee!!

You can only enter one item per category. I had two little coin purses. One could go under purses, the other under another category.

I won 2 Third premiums ($1 - one buck!!!), six 2nd premiums ($2 ), and one blue ribbon ($4 -woohoo!).
My friend won a third premium. I mailed her the dollar bill and the ribbon to take back to Japan when she leaves Oregon.
I can't quite believe they still pay out in cash.

Here's my first premium in the scarf category. I used my serger and woolly nylon in the upper looper to create the rolled hem edging. I also utilized elastic thread in the bobbin of my sewing machine to gather crosswise down the length of the scarf. 
Very interesting techniques.

This is for sale in my etsy store and whoever buys it will get the fair ribbon. Fun bonus!

I'm going to do this again next year.

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