20 August, 2013

Sunflower Therapy

I work in a concrete bunker. Can you hear all the negative connotations? Add in a not-so-nice-boss and I needed Sunflower Therapy.

A wonderful guy by the name of Mike helped me. He heard my dream and helped make it possible by selling me the potting soil at his cost plus 10 cents.

The gravel parking lot runs right up to the building.
I laid the potting soil directly on the gravel.
I decided Sunflowers would best banish lingering poor feng shui.

I planted six different dwarf varieties.
I didn't think the tall varieties would hold tall in the 3" of soil on top of gravel.

They are just getting going.
I have a brigade of volunteer waterer's standing by as I take a two-week vacation.
I've had to deal with the roof overhang (Water everyday!)
Vigorous berry vines. (crossbow)
Stray Cat Neighbors who thought I'd gifted them with a brand new latrine.(free fertilizer)

And a big community thank-you for brightening up an eyesore.
Thank you!

I am happy to say the Sunflower Therapy has exceeded it's expectations.

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  1. You have brightened your day, your neighbor's day, and everyone who reads this blog! Well done! Dwarf lavender will survive in minimal soil also.


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