04 December, 2011

$79 Dollars

Great holiday bazaar yesterday. I am always overwhelmed with how creative people are. One gal made the cutest purses re-purposing a hard-back book cover. Lined inside with a pocket and bag handles attached- darn cute. There were quite a few jewelry designers who had some pretty pieces. I am intrigued by the Day of the Dead trend. You either love it or can't quite figure out the allure. These showed up at several jewelry tables.
One vendor had the most gorgeous felted garments. I got distracted and forgot (again) to take photos of the other vendors {'cause it's all about me, you know}.

A few of us vendors were cashing in on the Beaver/Duck---everything I own shouts to the world I am a seriously needy fan.
I sent postcards to friends and family letting them know I was selling my 'stuff' so I was one of the few with customers. A new location hindered the drawing in of customers. Since it was free to be a vendor, it was still a win-win event for me.
Kaleidoscope of stained glass mobiles.

 (private) Janine alert: Guess who showed up and bought you a present?

Now it's time to clean my house and (mutter,mutter) clean up the sewing room so I am ready to do my next projects.  I've got most of my gifts planned out except for my kids (20's) who are still too young  to appreciate new pretty hot pads.
If the work schedule cooperates then I am spending time with my mom and the
local library hoping the ladies there can entice my mom into wanting a Kindle.  Once she figures out the font size on the screen is adjustable, I know she will want one . But until she wants one, there is no use buying one.

And it also time to get these unsold pretties into the etsy shop.

One last note: On the way home yesterday, I dropped my daughter's chairs off that we used in the bazaar set-up and drove out Killingsworth to get to I-5. Passing the Florida Room - the sign said (something like) "Hey Portland - Occupy this building". (lol)
I almost turned around and took a picture and should have because then the camera would have been out in order to get the photos of several Santa gaggles. I passed three groups of people dressed in Santa-esque costumes walking along Killingsworth - on their way to a Santa fling on a Saturday night?  There was definitely a Wish to be Santa in the air.

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  1. So glad the bazaar was a success! What a surprise to see familiar faces beaming out at me. At first I scrolled up so as not to see what they were holding, but then curiosity overcame me and I scrolled down. That must be a present for a little grandchild of theirs. Did you make that bear too? Wow. You are so creative. Your talents know no bounds!


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