19 December, 2011

Cheese Balls

I have had this recipe for a long time now - it's easy to make and can comfortably feed the neighbors with a Merry Christmas treat.
My co-worker, Micahle, many moons ago, gave me this recipe.


Recipe is for one big cheese ball but I usually use four bricks of cream cheese because it can be doubled and quadrupled easily. Substitutions and additions also can be accommodated.

8 oz brick CREAM CHEESE, softened
4 tsp. dried minced ONION
1/4 tsp SALT ( optional)
pinch PEPPER
1/4 tsp LEMON JUICE (or more to taste)
2 slices crisp BACON, crumbled
Optional: Hot Pepper Sauce ( I add this - couple of drops)

Mix Onion  thru Bacon together. Stir into Cream Cheese.
Chill for a while.

Chop Pecans/Walnuts with dried Parsley.
I put this mixture onto a piece of wax paper, spread out.
Scoop out a  ball out with a large spoon and roll in the  chopped nuts/parsley.
You can also use a piece of saran wrap over your hand to scoop out a ball.

At this point, I place balls on a 'sheet' of saran wrap and wrap and twist off at top.
If you can still get the colored saran wrap - this is a good use for holiday red or green.

Then I gift it with a box of THIN TRISCUITS or similar small cracker. If I am serving, I put my cheese ball on a pretty plate with crackers arranged artistically around the ball with a small butter knife to spread.

I made a 4-brick bowl of this last Sunday because we took two large cheese balls to the two holiday parties this weekend. I will make a fresh 5-brick version to create 8 - 10 Holiday Cheese Balls for my neighbors to give out Saturday, Christmas Eve.

Everyone needs a quick gift to whip out and everyone seems to enjoy this.
It is not gluten-free, soy-free, or in any way, allergy-free, so I don't partake myself.

I typically use pecans or walnuts to roll the balls in, but I have used roasted hazelnuts because that is what I had. The walnuts and pecans tend to become softer around the cheese ball faster than some of the harder nuts.


  1. Your cheeseball looks delicious! My mom always makes cheeseball at Christmas, it's orange inside and rolled in green parsley outside (which to me seems very festive) and I love munching on it before Christmas dinner, I prefer it to mashed potatoes anyway!

  2. I have been wanting this recipe. A neighbor makes this every year with walnuts from our trees. I haven't been able to mimic the flavor. This recipe looks like the perfect match.


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