07 December, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

I heard a new (to me) christmas song on the radio yesterday. Featuring Nora Jones - one of my faves and Willie Nelson - it was a re-make of "Baby It's Cold Outside".
Turns out, everyone has sung this classic duet.

Getting sidetracked (who, me?), I came across this classic funny skit with Dean Martin - (Dean sang, "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Doris Day) and Goldie Hawn.
Goldie has the loveliest giggle.

"That's because you're dumb like me."

Even the Glee cast got into "Baby It's Cold Outside."

While we are getting sidetracked - whatever happened to Susan Boyle?
She's still singing with concerts booked in the New Year throughout the UK.
She also might be the only singer not to sing, "Baby It's Cold At Night."
Here is "O Holy Night":

We are in a chilly weather moment here in the Willamette Valley and the only good news was this morning - we are starting at 32' hoping to clear 40'.
When I woke up, my google page showed it to be 16 degrees in St. Paul, Minnesota - finally, someplace colder than here (sister lives there (voluntarily)).

Impenetrable freezing fogs have been dogging our days this week with a low point of 24'.
We really did not have the fogs last winter and the 'smart' people who have forgotten to turn on their lights are testing the theory of 'survival of the fittest'.

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