02 December, 2011

Before The Bazaar

Saturday - tomorrow! - I will be at a one day holiday bazaar in downtown Portland near the main Post Office.
Located at 721 NW 9th Ave (Portland 97209), we are supposedly on the third floor of the EcoTrust bldg.
I spent a couple of hours tagging items and thinking about the display.
My daughter is setting up on her own as I have to work for a few hours in the morning. So I took a couple of photos to help her out. She's done shows with me before so whatever display she comes up with will work out.

We are going to anchor the 5'(tiny!) table with my mannequin and a kitchen chair.
Secured at the neck with a knit scrap and poked through the chair rail, the broomstick will provide vertical hanging space.
This is my k. chair, but we will utilize my daughters as it is far prettier. I wanted her to remember to cover up the chair pad with the cloth napkins. She is hanging her Stained Glass  Mobiles from the pole.

Down on the floor, leaning against the table/boxes will be some oversized pillows featuring the Oregon State Beavers and the U of O Ducks.

I'm pretty eclectic in my sewing. I dislike making ten of the same items as my attention wanders to something more fun to make. It was pure discipline to sit down and make 36 hot pads. You kinda set up an assembly line and dink them out but after a while. . .

In addition to the hot pads, there are a couple of felted purses, assorted smaller purses, a CD holder for your car visor (I would like to re-visit that project), my bunny softies, and a couple of other plush toys. Appliqued pillows, plus the OSU and U of O pillows (not in the picture). At the far end of the table is some Microwave Potato bags.

The good thing about doing bazaars is that all your holiday handmade gifts are already done. What doesn't sell gets gifted to people on my list. I love to give Handmade but if you wait until December to make it - it just gets bogged down in all the holiday things to do.
Bazaars force me to start in October and November. The only other handmade gifts I still need to make is a pair of pillowcases for my niece who painted her room this summer - a orange-cantaloupe-melon-color. And the doll bed project for my great-niece is being shared with my sis. She and I will make all the bedclothes as well as matching nighties for Phea and her dolly.

Quite a few of these items need to go into the Etsy shop, but that is a project for another day.

I was looking for a way to provide a link to the map 
but for some reason -couldn't figure it out. Here's the map image instead.

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