29 December, 2011

PIllowcases & Snap Purses

 One of my favorite purses to make right now - the Snap Bag

 Sized to hold two bundles.
Pillowcases rolled up.

My sewing machine did not like sewing lace and rickrack over the seam line on the first pillowcase.
In fact, I had to use my seam ripper too many times on this project. I also had a rickrack disaster. The original rickrack was wider but when I started picking stitches --it dissolved into pieces. The rickrack fabric rotted!
I know the rickrack was old but I have never had that happen. It was sealed in it's original cellophane wrapping.
Smaller rickrack was substituted and actually sewed better- or I learned from my mistakes.

 Oops, one of the gold coins hidden in the case fell out.

 Deciding to gift the niece with this box was one of my better decisions this season.
Filled with paper scrunchies, this stuff is replicating - like Tribbles. This box came our way via a delivered gift and there are paper scrunchies everywhere underfoot. Yet, the box always seems to have more.
I placed the snap purse/pillowcases underneath so she would have to dig for her gift.

Won't she be surprised!

Last year, Pencil Girl and I made pillowcases to donate at SewExpo  for the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. We'll be doing that again this year.

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  1. Great fabric choices. I should look through my stash for pillowcase fabric combinations for the sew expo again!


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