19 October, 2011

So I Needed Some Insul-bright to Make Some Hot Pads. . .

Have you had one of these days??

So I needed some insul-bright to make some hot pads.

Insul-bright is the stuff that makes hot pads stay cool. Except – I couldn’t find it. I thought I still had a whole package. All I found were some scraps and some chicken hotpads already cut out. . . hmmm. . .
Then I decided I couldn’t find this knit I
bought back in Minnesota a few years back which led to moving stuff around.
I did find my florist tape and my pens so I grabbed the fake silk flowers from the garage and made flower pens.
You take the end plug out and stick in a flower. A little glue and a little florist tape to dress it up - -except the caps would not come off (must be a choking hazard for those of us who chew on their pens). I had to get the drill and drill a hole through the slick plastic end cap. Then I fired up my glue gun, got the large blooms and some leaves and made six flower pens. Why? Because these last longer with customers. Why was I making them today? Because I found all the components. Making the pens? – got to do something a
bout all this stuff that is hanging around in this ‘craft’ room.

So I went through
boxes and even labeled stuff – still did not find the knit but I did separate the etsy/ebay stuff and get most of that out of the room. I also moved the suitcases and another box of treasures from when we put down the floors. I am past my irritation that we did not do the bedroom floors yet. My new plan is not to wait to take everything out but to only have the kids stuff (previous owner of room) and my craft stuff in there. Uh-huh. . .It’s a goal and a more positive one and more realistic than waiting on the getting the craft room floors done.

So now I have all this floor space. I put together all the parts for the blooming bag (from purse class), realized I don’t have the right hardware to do justice to the Pendleton fabric in the bag – but it’s all together - waiting for another day to finish.
I put the knits I just got at a  garage/rummage sale with the other knits – still haven’t found that knit from
Minnesota. I put the wools with the wools, the minky with the minky and generally made some sense of those two rooms.
I found the stash of heavy interfacings in my walk-in closet – the ones I was looking for last month – I left them there but took out the stiffer interfacings and put those with my new ones from Joann’s. Guess where the insul-bright was? In that
box. It’s now on my cutting table along with some selections for hot pads and Microwave potato bags – because I also found the Warm Industries 100% cotton batting with no glues/chemicals for the Hot Potato bags.
 Another big
box of fabric from garage/rummage sale got sorted to the Etsy/ebay room (aka den) and the rest put away by color. I now have everything ready to sew some gifts for Christmas/bazaars and might even sew tonight.

Well that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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  1. You're lucky to just have one of these days. This is my life *every* day! Last weekend I was looking for glue sticks for my glue gun and ended up rearranging the closet. Never did find them...


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