23 October, 2011

I Speak Japanese

I still have the remnants of a very bad cold/flu thing and I must be delusional thinking I can speak another language. However, after much swearing, and stomping back and forth from the computer to the sewing room, I have deciphered these fabulous directions. That must mean, I now read Japanese.

I am on a purse making brain wave. I had wanted to try these metal frame purses with the big plastic ball at the closure. Tracking down the importer wasn't difficult, signing up for an account wasn't difficult. Deciphering the catalog, while having great photos, took a bit more time. 12cm is still worth taking out a measuring tape.

Speaking of which - look what I received at the Pendleton booth at SewExpo for bringing in something I sewed with Pendleton fabrics:

A Pendleton measuring tape with its own jacket. In purple plaid, no less.

And look - it fits right inside my new coin purse.

Gold coins slipped inside for the next lucky find at a garage sale.

Here it is again - to test your Japanese. This is the sum total of the directions that come with the metal purse frame. Two pattern pieces and some instructions. I watched a couple of youtube videos when it became apparent that I could not read Japanese last night. I also looked at a couple of blogs regarding purse frames and finally came up with enough to make it work.

This was my sample coin purse. I have a few more frames and thought to put a couple of airplane purses together as well as working some wool into one. I saw this cool photo while trudging through cryptic directions and have to describe it to you as I don't know where I was nor can I find it again.
It was smaller metal purse frame and vintage grey plaid wool was used for the purse. The purse itself was longer than it was wide and was used as a necklace. Complete with chain. A large vintage key was hand-sewn to the front-side. This purse was a sort of amulet. Very cool looking with the wool.


  1. It looks like you did very well. Those closures are fun. Hope you get over the cold soon.

  2. The night beforehand, I almost sent them to you to translate - I was so frustrated!


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