07 October, 2011

New Plants or How I Won the Plant Lottery

One of our local nurseries had a live on-line auction this last weekend. Where it is just as easy to go overboard in your bidding as in a silent auction. Well - it was silent - just me and the computer and the ticking time clock.
I have a short list of tall, narrow plants that I want to replace in  the 200 ft. bed where we took out 18 fir trees.
I didn't find those plants but I did find some others that will do splendidly.

First up is this Norway Spruce Cupressina.  I bought these sight unseen but when I arrived at the nursery, I fell in love. These spruces are soft to the touch. I have a gorgeous blue spruce  in my yard and no one wants to go near it because it might attack. This Cuppressina is totally what I need for this living fence between my neighbor and I. The price of $10 did not hurt either. These wholesale around $68 with a retail price of over a hundred dollars. These cuppressinas are already 6 ft. tall and will immediately go to work blocking the shack house next door. They extended all the way into my front seat inside the car. (in the photo above - see how the cupressina is already blocking the house next door?)


Second are these Tri Color Beech Trees.   I had wanted a tri-color Dogwood but this proved impossible - mostly because they are so susceptible to anthracnose in this area (NW). These decorative Beech trees will fulfill a need for ornamental trees but be healthier. These were only $8 each with a wholesale price of $40. One has no leaves but is definitely green in the twig so we will have to watch that one.

Third - a total impulse purchase are these Graham Blandy Boxwoods. OMG - another tall, vertical element to place strategically to distort the view next door. I did buy four but my car would only hold three. These were only $6 each but are 4 ft tall. (Wholesale price? $35)

 Thursday morning was my first morning off this week and it was not raining. Previous downpours helped create a mud factor that almost sucked me in. I believe some people call that gumbo.  When you get the cheapo prices from an on-line auction - you generally need to hike out and gather in the plants yourself. Except these were BIG. As in HUGE.
I got all but two in my car when I came to a awful truth - I could not lift the last two high enough to get them into my car by myself. I called a friend; I called my husband; but eventually with no answers, I conceded defeat and scurried back to the nursery office and prevailed upon Mike to come to my rescue.
While he was helping me manhandle the cupressina into the car, he allowed how he almost bid on the Graham Blandy Boxwoods and it turned out that I could not stuff one more plant into the car so I gifted one to him for his help.

Now - they need to be planted - in the right spot. I'll probably have to move some plants to make room but already - I know where those Norway Spruces are going.

Good thing I have Columbus Day off - hopefully it won't rain on my parade.

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  1. You have given yourself a job - planting that lot! Still they are beautiful trees.


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