28 October, 2011

Love This Scarf

I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon making this scarf. It was sewn on my serger as well as the coverstitch machine. I learned some new tricks and I love the way it turned out.
I had no idea my coverstitch could be used to add ruching. Thanks to this post. She also pointed out a better way to do a rolled hem and it worked like a charm on this semi-sheer prone-to -fraying material.
All I had to do was cut my scarf wider and turn over 1/2" - 3/4" and serge the rolled hem on the two layers of the fold. If you turn over less than 1/2" it's difficult to keep control of the edge. Afterwards, a quick trimming of the excess material provides a super clean edge and a rolled hem with substance.

I bought this material along with it's cousin at Sewexpo a few years back. I made a Catch & Release scarf with the red/rose  material utilizing another new-to-me trick of using elastic thread in the bobbin. That was fun to do and to wear. The elastic thread keeps the scarf bouncy and full.
It's for sale in my Etsy shop.

This fabric is my favorite of the two and I am so glad it turned out. I left it extra  long with the idea that once I added in all the rows of ruching, I would trim the length. I ended up just leaving it ( just over 2 1/2 yds long). I used a white/gold metallic wooly nylon thread in the upper looper of  my serger to help finish the edge pretty.

The Coverstitch machine does an even ruching.

Photo of the coverstitch stitching on the front

And the coverstitch seam from the back side - which I love. I wish I had done this onto the front of the fabric as it is a cool design element. However, realistically speaking - only I can tell the material front & back sides. It's nearly identical.


  1. Love your scarf and that beautiful fabric. Reminds me of your pretty blog background. Bravo!


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