16 October, 2011


I've discovered a new show to watch. It's on Hulu.
Yes, I know, hulu is difficult to understand these days. It's no longer free, but it is.
Certain shows do not require you to pay Hulu's monthly fee. Including  BBC-type shows.

So, I was watching a few episodes of Doc Marten - season 4 -  and Hulu offered up that I might enjoy Kingdom.
I'm already into episode two and I'm hooked.
If you have a passion for BBC tv, this show is about a small town lawyer named Peter Kingdom  who avoids court, solves mysteries, and has a brother, Simon, who disappeared at sea 6 months ago. His brother's clothes were found at the edge of the North Sea where everyone presumes he committed suicide.
Peter's sister, Beatrice, who has been in the looney bin, is now ensconced in his home which is over the lawyer's offices.
1967 Alvis TF 21 Cabriolet

"Kingdom is a British television series produced by Parallel Film and Television Productions for the ITV network. It was created by Simon Wheeler and stars Stephen Fry as Peter Kingdom, a Norfolk solicitor who is coping with family, colleagues, and the strange locals who come to him for legal assistance. The series also stars Hermione Norris, Celia Imrie, Karl Davies, Phyllida Law and Tony Slattery."

1965 Alvis TE 21

Of course, it might be the cool convertible that Peter drives.


  1. I love Kingdom, sometimes I find Doc Martin a bit irritating but it can be really funny.

  2. I'm onto season two of Kingdom. Peter seems too nice - as in - not pithy enough. Now, Doc Martin was beyond pithy.
    I really like what Peter's sister, Beatrice, is wearing though - Stella McCartney? And even the Office Gal - forgot her name - she's got a couple of cool outfits too. I wonder if I could draft that sleeveless top she's appeared in a couple of times now.


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