29 October, 2011

Cars Herding Cows

Here is my find. A plan to create a dolly bed with linens (patchwork quilt?pillow? embroidered sheets?) for my great-nieces for a handmade Christmas present. It's the perfect size for a 3 year old to play with.

I went to a church rummage sale in Clarkes this morning after work. To get there, you basically ascend the foothills (of the cascade mountains!) to get up on top, rounding many 10 mph blind curves along the way.
After the sale  - yes - I scored several items - I headed downwards - loving my manual transmission. As I rounded one of those 10 mph blind curves, I came across two cars - one of which was wildly driving backwards. But then I saw the cow. The cow that was loose. The cow that stood taller than my car. The cow that was being herded towards me. Having grown up a polite rural person, I calmly assessed the situation and wisely stopped my car. The cow trotted past, the backward-facing car careened around my car and I finished my journey off the hill.
You never have your camera when you need it nor could I  have reacted fast enough to get a clear shot of what was going on. The cow was taller than my car!

My husband is borrowing my car to drive to Fresno this week (better gas mileage). I gave him cash to go get the oil changed before he leaves and I looked outside to see this.

Do you think he will give me back my cash?

Next Saturday after I get done with work I will head back towards Beavercreek for the first holiday bazaar of the season. I know at least one friend with quilted items at this bazaar. If Molly is reading this, maybe we could meet at the Beavercreek Grade School for the bazaar?


  1. I graduated from Beavercreek! Sure wish I could go to the bazaar with you gals. The cow story was a hoot. Wonder what the other guy was thinking?? And speaking of cows, DD went hiking today with friends and came back saying she saw "wild cows" out in the woods! Uh, honey? I don't think they were wild, they were just cows. :-)

  2. When cows are bigger than you - they are wild.

  3. Hilarious cow story! Glad your car didn't get dented.


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