22 October, 2011

I Was Planning On Taking A Nap

 I was.
Going to take  a nap when I got home from work and three garage sales.
Except, I couldn't.
This is a good thing as I have been sicker than a dog this last week. Last Saturday night, my left eye lid swelled closed but started unswelling a few days later. Just as I am thinking, "Great! I don't have frankenstein eye anymore", I awoke Thursday to a full-blown snotty cold. With a totally pressurized sinus headache. Now my eye was all goupy and cemented itself shut.
In any case, the fact that I did not need a nap today does lend credence to my belief that this too shall pass.
So, I sewed today.
I had this tutorial bookmarked a while ago and a friend e-mailed it to me today - why not? I asked myself, it's a easy project.

A little wallet with a snap closure. And I have a drawer-full of snaps to use up.

A cute place to put coins.
Or. . .whatever small things you need to corral.

Maybe  a sewing kit?

I had bookmarked the tutorial as interesting because of the amount of hand-sewing involved. Each corner needs to hand-sewed together. Not to mention the opening where you turn it after sewing it together. 
Actually - I'd like to make more of these. These are small projects to take with you when you need to sit around and wait and maybe wait some more. In fact, there is possibly a Sunday Christmas Bazaar coming up where the vendor needs to sit behind the table for an obscene amount of hours where a little hand-sewing would draw in the customers.

The backside shows the airplane fabric MUCH better. Note to self: Figure out the airplane placement before cutting.

 I went to a couple of estate/garage sales that were right past the
Dahlia fields. As you can see, they are still blooming profusely.

And, finally, a cell-phone pic of my great-niece, Phea, 
with a hand-me-down costume sewn by my sister.


  1. I love seeing all the different airplane fabrics you have.

  2. Hope you fell better soon. I like the airplane fabric!


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