14 July, 2011

Handmade Letter from the Scrap Basket

I  am long overdue in sending a card to a friend who is enduring chemo. I try to send one every week or so but with the summer bronchitis  I have not been doing my job of making sure her bright outlook remains high.
I rummaged around in my 'waste' basket pulling out fabrics I have been working with lately - scraps - with no plan at all. The pale yellow knit from yesterdays knit shirt success 'wound' itself into a rose sun. Then a house with smoke? (sunny summer day here folks) and windows with some flowers growing in the grass and up high, an airplane.

All of my cards to her feature an airplane. She doesn't have to read the inside, she can just see the airplane and know that my thoughts are circling above her, watching out for her.

 I stitched the denim to some card stock and zigzagged for good measure and took it over to my cutting board where, horror of horrors, I used my fabric rotary thingy to trim the edges tru-er.

Now to find an envelope that fits.

Hand made as well as it was actually just about right to fit my odd-sized card.

This whole project took me about 25 minutes 
including the time to photograph and write this blog post.

And, it took two stamps because it slipped over into the second ounce and it was a bit 3-D.


  1. That's lovely and so quick! I'm sure your friend will appreciate the thought.

  2. Hi! That is a wonderful card - great idea to make a card like that and good work!
    Thank you for your comment and hugs to Rocket!
    Teje & Nero


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