08 July, 2011

Clear Lake Fish for Dinner


We are blessed with tasty fish in the Pacific Northwest.
Chinook & Coho Salmon, Halibut, Cutthroat Trout (land-locked Salmon) and Rainbow Trout. While there are both Rainbow and Cutthroat in Clear Lake, we caught only Rainbows.

I tend to be simple in my prep of local-caught fish using butter and lemon as my mainstays as they do not disguise the fish but rather enhance it.
I fill the cavity with butter and sliced lemons and sprinkle just a bit of pepper on top.
(Which is crazy when you think about it because we don't eat the skins. . . )
I think I baked them at 350' for about 25 minutes - maybe it was 20. See that lovely pink flesh on the large one. Fish are done when a fork flakes the meat away.

Served with fresh lettuces from my garden, the fish were stripped to the bone in about ten minutes.
 We pick through and give the skins and some meat to the dogs
and bury the fish bones deep in  the garden.

My edible peapods were left untended for one too many days and I shelled that whole big mixing bowl and gained a quart-size bag of peas for the freezer.There is a reason why no one shells peas anymore. It took a long movie in time.

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