24 July, 2011

McKinnon Airport Pancake Breakfast

This cub in the foreground with the big tires
is our other neighbor who came with us.

Two flights in two days.
A very good start to a week of vacation.
Today's destination was McKinnon's Airport just north of Sandy.

When we fired up the airplane a couple of neighbors took off at the same time.
Our neighbors led the way --being much faster than our big lumbering Stearman.

Great breakfast and about a zillion classic cars. The cars were parked in and around the treed property.

A loud round of applause for the Sandy Kiwanis Club who cooks delicious blueberry pancakes out to over 4000 people quickly.

I don't know how many cars were there but it looked like approximately a hundred planes in and out during the morning as well as about fifty motorcycles. Maybe 800 cars?  Evidently a huge deal on the car show circuit.

A friend of ours came in just as we were leaving. He finished working on this "Bamboo Bomber" this last year. See end of post for a video clip of it's first flight.

Harleys were there as well, lined up next to the runway. The sound of a Harley is almost close to what our big round engine sounds like.
Neighbor's biplane. This plane flies way faster than ours.

Just about ready to leave.

One way in, one way out was an interesting runway experience. They had filled up the east field with planes so the ground crew sent us back down the runway to park in the west field. Meanwhile in a coordinated attempt at craziness, two planes were trying to land and had to go around (add power and not land) as we were still on the runway. By the time we left, there were quite a few planes down where we were.

Almost home. I managed (finally) to get a fairly decent picture of the airpark. We are turning into the right-hand pattern as we start our landing sequence. Our airpark consists of two rows of houses divided by a taxiway (aka Skylane Drive) and the grass strip is to the right - next to the vivid green field. The middle of the runway has been re-seeded this year and looks like a green stripe.
The farmer on the other side of Township Rd has tilled his fields and planted to be ready for some hot summer weather this week. He's watering. The last few years, he's grown zucchini.

This picture shows the entire airpark; houses, street/taxiway, houses, runway.

Our friend's Bamboo Bomber - First flight video. Plus - you get to hear round engine noise.

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