04 July, 2011

Clear Lake

Happy 4th of July everyone!

My husband and I drove down to Clear Lake today. We could have driven down to my brother's place at Rockaway Beach but our daughter was taking some friends down there and it was agreed that we could possibly cramp her style. Whatever.
So- we came up with an alternate plan of fishing Clear Lake. Just a couple of hours away, it turned out to be a particularly beautiful summer day. This lake is just past Detroit Reservoir - just on the other side of the mountains.
Gorgeous views of the Three Sisters and Three-Fingered Jack were our gift. That's about when I recalled - oh,oh - the camera. I had forgotten to even think about it as we drove up Hwy 22 through the forest with the river alongside us. When we reached Detroit Dam and the reservoir opened out - we were still enjoying the drive. But when the mountains appeared, that's when I remembered the camera.
But if we had brought the camera, we would not have been entertained all day with the pair of eagles fishing for their nestlings. It would have been hotter than 75' (just perfect!). And -- this is the big one -- we would not have caught any fish. Isn't that the way?

Clear Lake has a campground which we have stayed in many times. The especial times we have had there are part of our family time. This lake is special to me because there are no motorboats allowed - no jet-skis, no noise other than oarlocks creaking as you row you boat.
Not to mention the ducks dive bombing each other over presumed territory infringement.

There were other women rowing, besides me,who preferred to row looking ahead.
Trust me - you get a lot of practice and it doesn't take long to find your mojo.

We fished using Powerbait in neon yellow/pink. We caught our limit of both fish and sunburns.

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