11 July, 2011

Show Wallets

I made these today.
Because I was home sick from work.
It was nice to be at a slower pace today.
I've struggled to ditch this summer bronchitis and my doctor yelled at me for working through it.
I took her advice and I will take tomorrow off as well.  I am undecided about Wednesday.

These little show wallets have three pockets and are perfect for your next airshow. You've already slathered on the sunscreen and all you need - in the crowd- is your cash and cards - just in case you spot something you need to buy.
Or for any other show where there are lots of people and your big purse is in the way. This little show wallet will fit in your pocket. --Leaving your hands free.

I sent a third wallet to Pencil Girl. She and I spotted this wallet pattern at a quilt show last fall. She's got the fair going on all week with her 4-H groups showing garments and food preparation and she needs a little show wallet for tickets, cards and a little cash.

I also cleaned up my sewing room this morning. My daughter moved her large bookcase out and that left some better room - for me. I sorted fabrics and put them away by type and color. Then I cleared off the sewing table of finished and unfinished projects.  Placed my magazine 'keep' pile in the file box. And then spent about an hour tossing the room looking for this pattern for the show wallet. 
I did find the pattern and then had to clean up the room - again.

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