05 July, 2011

Elusive Hummingbirds

Taking a photo of Hummingbirds is all about LUCK.
Don't have it.

Everytime I go outside to lie in wait with my camera, the Hummingbirds hide.
There are several around. They suck my feeder dry in two days. They feast on my flowers.
But not for my camera.
This was through my house window.

 I had to write - look left -because the blackish blob in the middle 
is the hummingbird turning his back.
(Plus - I haven't figured out how to draw a line around an object in Photoshop.)

Camouflaged by a leaf.

My best shot.

The flower they love is called Lychnis. It blooms bright red-orange just in time for the fourth. Hummingbirds just slurp up the nectar from these blossoms.

When I lie in wait below the feeder, this is what I end up taking photos of:

 Beautiful foxgloves beside the feeder.

Rusty keeps throwing his ball at me if I sit on the grass. He looks so hopeful.

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  1. Wow you are so lucky having hummingbirds in the garden!


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