14 April, 2010

SewMamaSew Fat Quarter Swap

SewMamaSew.com is hosting a fat quarter swap.

I've been sick off and on all spring trying to deal with my inflammation and my Leaky Gut. It seems like all I do is go to work and then come home to recover. There has been little excess energy to sew.

The SewMamaSew swap sounded like something I could do. After all, I work at the PO. 
All I have to do is decide on fabrics, cut them up into fat quarters, package them and post them. 

Not only do I move my stash around, I get some new fabric ideas sent to me. 

Packages coming in the mail. What could be better than that???

Two of my swap partners live in Germany.  I came across some Pendleton remnants and I am posing the idea to them; instead of cotton, would you like some wool? 
I was in Dublin last Fall at a sewing and knitting show and the fabric selection was a little slim. I even went to a couple of fabric stores thinking to pick up some European wool fabric. Whatever. There was about four bolts - I probably went to the wrong shop - I was only in Ireland for a week.

I intended to use them in some purses but the two pieces have sat there about four years - still not cut into. The remnants are about 16" wide with a seam lengthwise through the fabric but they are about 65" long. They are definitely not fat quarters but are similar in width. I am waiting to see what they think ( my two German swappies).
This is one of my cotton swap fabrics to cut into. A white background with lime green, blue and black random lines - heart shapes.

Pendleton Woolen Mills - Portland, Oregon

Pendleton blankets

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