11 April, 2010

Dark Chocolate Jameson Whiskey Truffle Bar

I remember these.  Butler chocolates from Ireland.
Flavored with Jameson Whiskey. 

I have a snotty cold (or allergies, or reaction to medicine to help heal my gut).
I can't read because my eyes are alternately weeping or itchy.
I feel crappy.  Probably because I am watching crappy tv. Some old movie with Julia Roberts and the Mystic Pizza Company. I don't even know the title but I sat through the entire movie-- I think, because it had Julia Roberts in it. But if this was the only Julia Roberts movie you ever saw, you wouldn't be keen to see another.
Back to the computer - another hit on the horn for Mousehunt (facebook).
I wanted something to eat but the turkey we are having for dinner won't be ready for another couple of hours. The dark chocolate truffle bar zipped into my head and my computer says it's possible to order them online. Amazing.
No - what's really amazing? I came up with a 'code' that worked and I received free shipping.
I put in 'april10' but the code window zapped it in as A7700.
Now, I won't get these chocolate bars for a week or two (ships from the first ever  Butler's chocolate cafe in New Jersey. Why not Oregon? Why put a stinkin' chocolate cafe in Paramas,  New Jersey?).

They also make these hot chocolate treats that melt in hot water. A very lovely cup of hot chocolate.

For locations - I've been to five of them: This is on Liffey St. (next to the Liffey River - so similar to our Willamette River splitting the city of Portland).

No Butler's Chocolates at the cliffs of Mohr but you can find them inside in the gift shop - to the right.

Flavored with Jameson whiskey, this chocolate would surely ease my cold?

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