08 April, 2010

Communion Tomboys

Take one girl who would not be caught dead in a dress, plus one first communion. 
Add in crazed parents and then mix in the miracle worker.

My sister (who does not have girls), made this First Communion Dress for a neighbor girl. 

A nice cotton for the top with a raw silk skirt over a cotton underskirt. 
She followed a pattern.

Tips for success.
1.  Take tomboy along to fabric store.
2.  Make it simple - no fussy trims.  Let the fabric speak.

1 comment:

  1. For my daughters first communion she was determined she would not wear a dress. When I looked into it there is actually no rule that states that girls must wear dresses in a Catholic first communion. She looked amazing in a white silk sleeveless top and flowing white dress pants. She was comfortable and she looked amazing and was complimented by everyone. On top of that it only cost us $80 which is much less than it would've been to have a dress made!


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