25 April, 2010

Coconut Yogurt

Saturday, my mom took me out to lunch and we zoomed downtown to get birthday gift cards for my daughter's birthday. We parked in the very steep Powell's bookstore parking garage. I gave my mom a thrill ride, an almost carnival-type/octopus ride in that parking garage with my stick shift car.
Then we sauntered - make that carefully dashed across Saturday traffic to the Anthropology store. My mom almost bought this gorgeous shoulder bag. My sister is always badgering both my mom and I to buy more current clothing - that fits. Does the bag count? It had the most delicious pockets. And soft. I think I was petting it.
Maybe the daughter will buy this for her beloved mommy?

Then we went to Whole Foods on the next block to look for the coconut yogurt. I found two types plus one made from Goat's milk. We also snagged some sumptuous (but can't be healthy for you) birthday cupcakes.
Then we dashed back to Powell's to get that gift card so as not to use up our free parking hour.

All in all - a very productive mission - getting my mom out of the house, giving her some excitement in the parking garage and showing her the anthropology store.

A first review of coconut yogurt. The one on the right is a plain version sweetened with agave syrup.
I am interested in repopulating my gut with good probiotics from yogurt, rather than from my non-dairy pill made by Schiff. I'm not certain if the pill is causing a reaction.
This plain yogurt was too sweet and too coconutty. I frequently enjoy a coconut ice cream made by Luna & Larry. It is sinfully rich in chocolate but not overly sweet and there is just a hint of coconut aftertaste. My favorite is dark chocolate and it is sweetened with agave syrup. And I see by their website that Luna & Larry have some new flavors - I'll have to see if my store will stock them.

Unlike most alternative ice creams, Luna & Larry's use just a few ingredients. Like five.

Back to the yogurt: this one is made by Gata foods in Tigard, Oregon (buy local).
They also use just a few ingredients. Less for me to react to.

I have to wait and see if I have a reaction to this coconut  yogurt but  I plan on trying the marionberry variety next to see if the berry shines through and not the cloying sweetness.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    This is Kiley at Coconut Bliss. Thank you so much for the wonderful shout out and the information about Gata foods. It looks like they are stocked down here in Eugene, just not at the Market of Choices I usually shop at :)
    As far as I know all the New Seasons & Whole Foods in the PDX area are stocking the new flavors, enjoy!


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