15 April, 2010

Leaning Fir Trees

We had a little leaning problem this winter.

We wanted to take these fir trees out 20 yrs. ago when we built here. The neighbors on this side begged us to keep them as a windbreak. Fast forward 15 yrs. Now these neighbors want some SUN.
Meanwhile,  while we would love to force those neighbors to remodel, we could never get a straight answer out of our insurance guy.
These trees were planted as part of a Christmas tree hobby farm and are too closely planted, so we decided - with the help of the leaner - to take most of them out.
While I dislike losing the hummingbird and owl habitat, we did keep some and we will replant some big trees.

View away from house - towards runway. We are keeping these trees. 
One minute later. Different light settings. Aren't those varigated iris's stunning? Saved.
Back towards the house. See the neighbors garage?
Really, nothing good to say here.
El Leano lopped off - ready to go (all the way down) for tomorrow. 
View from my kitchen window.
The tree on the left was nearly uprooted.
It's too early to say which plants got decapitated  and will regrow.  And, which plants just need to be tamped back down.
The hynoki cypress (9') to the right of the twin towers got totally annihilated.

Definite plan to plant something tall to hide that view.

* Reestablish the owl and hummingbird habitat. 
*Get some shade going on some of this long established shady bed.

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