19 April, 2010

Fat Quarter Swap - update 2

Okay. These lovely packaged goodies left my house today. Most of my swappies have already sent theirs. I have received two today.  
Both are - what are the odds? - paisleys. So Cool!

I sent mine off in quart-sized freezer ziplocs. The meter strip from the post office sticks nicely to the plastic. (I'd worry about using stamps.)  The freezer style because it is stronger than the storage style. The label is inside and you can see nicely inside as to what you are getting. This works really well to send socks in. Very exciting - socks in the mail.

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  1. Oh, I'm excited! Looks like I've seen my name...

    I put your fabric in the mail last week, but thanks to the volcano it might still be stuck somewhere around Frankfurt. Let's see.

    Your German Swappie


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